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Back to School – Semester Two

Monday, September 18th, 2006

The Fall semester started a mere two weeks and six days after my surgery – before I was allowed to drive even – which kind of forced me to be ok. Beau Hunk had to drive me and come pick me up, which was a pain in the ass for him since class is over at 10:00pm. But we survived.

I had my one month checkup at the beginning of the month and all is well. I was released for driving, and my only restriction is that I still can’t do ab exercises. Oh darn! Guess I’ll have to put those crunches off for a few more weeks. My heart is broken.

For the most part, I’d call me fully healed. I think I’m even getting over the part where I’m totally exhausted. It’s kind of hard to tell though because of school. These schedules are wreaking havoc on my head. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are back-to-back classes that start at 5pm and 4pm respectively, and end at 10pm. One of the biggest challenges there is when to eat dinner.

Especially Wednesday, because I leave the house at 3:20 and if my early class goes the full three hours, I end up with ten minutes between classes to snarf down a snack at my car because the cafeteria is waaaaaay on the other side of campus. But since I’m blessed and lucky, I have a husband who insists on packing me a healthy and nutritious snack that I can gobble down quickly. “Nutritious” is becoming key. My first class Wednesday night is Nutrition, so I can’t come out of there and snarf down a bag of chips without feeling guilty and kind of dumb.

Speaking of feeling kind of dumb … I have my first exam tomorrow night. It’s in Contracts, with my toughest instructor. He’s tough, but fair and I really like him. I had the same guy last semester for my Intro to Paralegalism class, so I’m kind of used to him now. As long as you show up for class and are prepared, he’s easy to get along with. Fine by me, since he weeds out the slackers pretty fast. His tests aren’t particularly gruesome or anything, but the subject matter isn’t exactly light. I’ve been cramming on and off all weekend. I think I’ll do fine on the test, but I’m still stressed.

Of course this is just the beginning of my school stress. I have an exam in Nutrition next week, and all three of my other classes are mentioning “mid-term” just about every other breath now. My Local History instructor poked us last week about getting started on our term papers, since they have to be ten pages. (ugh!) I was at a loss as to what I would do my paper on, but she gave me a good suggestion: historical sites you can find on a bike. I think I may do that. There’s a nice bike trail that runs through town and has tons of spots of historical interest nearby. Not only would that get me out on a bike ride, but it’s a nice concentrated area to do research. The last thing I want is to have to run all over hell’s half-acre to get info for this report. It’s not like my major is history!

Luckily I feel like I’m back to normal, physically. My energy level is getting back up there and I rarely have any pain. Well, not from anything surgery related. My pain is all focused in the ass area now, and has “SCHOOL” written all over it.

It’s times like this when I’m tempted to send money to a diploma mill and get my degree that way. But alas, ’tis not the way to do it, so I’m off to crack a few books and cram a few facts.