You Can Never Go Back

When we got married in October, we had such a wonderful visit to the hotel that we decided we’d like to repeat the experience. We thought we would try to go back once a year and take a few days to enjoy the property and fabulous views.

During our visit we had heard that some big investment firm had bought the place and was planning on renovating it. The rumor was that they had already planned $4 million in upgrades, mostly to the main house, which was originally built in the 1800′s. We wondered if the place would escape the “upgrades” with it’s charm. It looks like it may not.

The other day I visited the hotel’s website and saw that all of their top of the line rooms, including the one we stayed in, were not available. That’s not surprising since those would logically be the first to be renovated. But what blew my socks off was that the off-season rates of most of the available rooms have almost doubled from the on-season rate we paid. Some have more than doubled.

We thought the rate we paid was pricey, but reasonable. But there’s no way in hell we’re going to pay what they’re asking now. They have one room for $1,000 a night. A fucking grand. A night. For that price, better come with your own private servant to take the mint off your pillow and hand feed it to you.

I’m really disappointed that the new owners are going this route. I suspect they are turning this charming, family-run country inn into a yuppie palace of cookie-cutter rooms and lousy service. I wonder if they are installing phones and TVs in the rooms. It wouldn’t surprise me, but it would totally shatter the sense of peace and tranquility.

We will wait and see how this all works out. Maybe this new rate plan is temporary, but if it isn’t, we won’t be returning. You have no idea how much that disappoints me. Our wedding and honeymoon was one of the most happy and relaxing times of my life, and I would like to be able to renew that memory once in a while. I guess it’s true what they say, you can never go back.

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