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Rainy Days and Sunshine

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

Our weather here has been totally schizo lately. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next you’re Googling “How to Build an Ark”. And once again, I’ve been perfecting my Doing It Wrong technique. Two weekends ago I went for a Saturday ride. We only went 20 miles, but I forgave myself since it basically rained the whole fucking time. Well, except for when we were a quarter mile from the finish. Then it stopped. Mother Nature, you’re one sick bitch.

Except for being soaked to my skin, it was a decent ride. We only had one car who acted like a fucknozzle. Some dickweed in a Toyota Sequoia passed us on a blind hill at full speed, and made sure he didn’t give us any room at all. Apparently he had places to go and couldn’t be inconvenienced to slow down to the speed of sound for five seconds and let us crest the hill so he could see if cars were coming and give us an inch or two. Nooooo. That would have been a bother to him, being a certified Penis For Brains. Besides, letting off the accelerator may have made him spill his Mega-Venti Double Dorkachino with Cheese, since his other hand was probably on his cell phone.

Bah. But it was only one car, and there were many who had the chance to kill us, and no others who took it, so I should be grateful. Although, there was a guy out on a deserted country road who drove by going the opposite direction and honked nastily at us. We figured he was just pissed because he was on his big fat ass in his dry warm pickup, instead of out riding his bike in the rain like us. Yeah, that would piss me off too.

Anyway, back to Doing It Wrong. So I rode in the rain two Saturdays ago. This past weekend, when it was nice and sunny? I slept in. Yeah, I’m that dumb. My mother would say I don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain, but I refuse to admit that she’s right. So for the record, I have that sense, I just don’t use it. What I do lack is the sense to go out and ride my bike in the sunshine. Duh.

Woo has a new bike. Beau Hunk and I spotted a Trek Trikester at a bike shop. Man, this is the coolest kid bike ever! It has big fat tires that have air tubes in them, the seat adjusts forward/back and up/down, and the deck between the back wheels holds 700 pounds, so the adults can stand on it and push if need be. Whoo! It goes off road and Wooster just loves it. He’s been riding around the local parks with Beau Hunk when it’s not too nasty out. Notice I didn’t say “when it’s not raining”. Woo is a boy and is perfectly happy to ride his bike in a sprinkle. Of course we don’t let him ride in full on rain, but he would if we’d let him.

The first day he took out his Trikester, Woo rode for what we estimate to be four miles. He came home, ate a huge pile of Cheerios, drank a whole glass of water, demanded his jammies and then went down the hall and put himself to bed. At 5pm. He slept until 5:30 the next morning. He’s been regularly riding 2-2.5 miles a day since. He’s the Lance Armstrong of the preschool circuit.

He’s a natural born mountain mountain biker too, just like his Daddy. He rides the trike on sidewalks and trails, and purposely goes off the path and aims for tree roots, mud puddles, anything that is more fun than pavement. As he’s running over the stuff, he turns to watch the back wheels and grins like the little imp that he is. He’s in heaven on that thing.

So everyone in our house is awaiting the end of the rainy season. We’ve got place to go and bikes to ride!