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What Old Married People Do For New Year’s Eve

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

We don’t get out much. We are not party people. We do not boogie-oogie-oogie until we just can’t boogie no more. We are middle-aged, boring, married people.

So what are we doing for New Year’s Eve? We are staying home and doing what married people do. From that, you may make any inference with which you are comfortable.

We did go out to dinner tonight, and had a lovely beef-n-reef dinner of prime rib and lobster. The meat was fabulous, the lobster quite “eh”. It didn’t have much flavor, but the meat more than made up for it.

Our server was a beautiful young woman, probably in her early or mid-twenties. When our meal was over, we asked if we could have a dessert menu for me, and a glass of water for Beau Hunk. She smiled and said “Would it be ok if I were your dessert menu?” I smiled back and said “Yes, but you can’t be his glass of water.” We all had a rousing laugh and the poor girl almost blushed to death.

She came back with the glass of water, and I asked her for a take-out box for my leftover steak. I didn’t quite know what to say when she innocently asked “Can I be your box?” Oh my. Child, know ye what ye say?? Beau Hunk laughed, and gave an “aw-shucks, stop it” retort. I was laughing my ass off, not knowing quite what to say, when I think she finally realized the implications of her statement. I laughed and said “Don’t lead him on dear, you’ll only hurt his feelings.” Another good laugh was had by all.

So now we’re back at home, bellies full, wondering how we’ll ever make it to midnight. Oh what exciting lives we have!! But I’m sure we two old married fuddy-duddies will manage to find something to amuse ourselves this evening.