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Catching Up

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

I noticed today that I have a small callous on my right hand, just below my pinky. Who knew that sitting on your ass could produce a callous on your hand? It’s nothing short of a medical miracle.

This has felt like a particularly unproductive week. I pretty much dicked off making cookies all week. We also played hookie one day and went miniature golfing and visited a local dam. Mid-week, mid-December miniature golfing is really fun. The weather was beautiful and we had the course to ourselves.

Today I tried to catch up on the housework I neglected this week. I also wrapped all our presents, which isn’t really saying much. We only have five people on our gift list: my parents, nice, nephew and Woo. That makes for a pretty hassle-free Christmas.

I haven’t done my holiday cards yet, which probably makes me an asshole. But I did deliver my cookies to the shut-ins across the street. I had only met one of their daughters, not the occupants themselves. They are really wonderful people. They invited me in and I spent some time chatting them up.

Both are in their mid-80s and use walkers. The wife has Alzheimer’s. She’s the first person with Alzheimer’s I’ve ever spent any amount of time with. I had to introduce myself to her four or five times. One of their other daughters was there, and the wife couldn’t remember where the daughter lived or worked. The daughter had been recently featured in the local newspaper, and the mother was convinced that the copy of the newspaper had been at our house for some period of time. But she was a delightful woman, and I enjoyed talking to her and her husband a great deal. It was a very humbling experience to see this family working through this situation.

Our lives may not be perfect, but we are thankful for what we have.