The First Guest

Tonight we are making our first stab at entertaining a real guest. To date, the only people who have been over have been my parents and my aunt and uncle, both of whom make quick visits. The house projects have been so overwhelming and have left the house in such disarray, we haven’t felt very comfortable having anyone over for more than a few minutes.

We still aren’t exactly ready for primetime, but we’re fairly organized. Our TV, cable box and DVD player are sitting on storage bins because we haven’t found entertainment furniture we like yet. Ditto the stereo system. The surround sound for the DVD isn’t even in the house yet for the same reason. The desktop computer is sitting in a jumbled heap in the living room because we haven’t run a cable connection (for the cable modem) to the new office yet. But the arrangements are neat and 90% of the boxes are unpacked. Those that aren’t are either in the garage or neatly put aside in the house. The place is tidy and clean, if not decorated.

Clean is the big thing. We have new paint, carpets, lights, outlets, switches and doorknobs. The kitchen and bathrooms have been scrubbed within an inch of their lives. Beau Hunk has been working his ass off on the outside of the house – cutting down trees and bushes, building a dog run, fencing in new areas of the yard, tearing down old fences, and replacing other fences. He’s been slaving like a dog out there, and it shows, in a most wonderful way.

Tonight’s guest will be our real estate agent who sold us the house and brought us Bill The Cat for adoption. We are looking forward to showing off the place to her, and having her see how Bill has grown and become a part of the family. It’s not a palace, but it’s our home and we enjoy it. I think our guest will enjoy it too.

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