Engagement FAQ

So as the word of our pending hitch spreads, I’m seeing a pattern to the questions being asked. I thought I might save some time by taking a shot an an FAQ.

Have you picked a date?
No, we don’t have a date. We don’t have a specific month. We have picked a season though. For now, that’s close enough.

What kind of ceremony are you going to have?
We haven’t decided on specifics yet. (You’ll see this as a recurring theme.) We haven’t decided if we want to do something that is just the two of us. If we do have a party / gathering / ceremony, it will be casual, it will be fun, and it will be low key. And it will be inexpensive.

You will not find me planning an extraaavaaagaaannnzaaa that involves a tiara, a dress that costs more than my car, 14 bridesmaids or 600 invited guests. Which also means I will not be purchasing a bus ticket to Las Vegas anytime soon.

Frankly, I couldn’t invite 600 people if I tried. I swear, if I got down the the level of my dog’s vet’s sister’s pool boy, I couldn’t find 600 people to invite. And 14 bridesmaids? Fuck off. Someone thinks awfully highly of themself, now don’t they?

Are you going to get married on a bike?
We haven’t made any plans yet, so anything is possible. I wouldn’t rule out bikes being involved some way or another. Afterall, we met on a bike ride, our first date was a bike ride, and we got engaged on a bike ride. Anything could happen.

Did you pick the ring, or was it a surprise?
We went together and picked out the ring. Beau Hunk’s theory was that it would be on my finger, so I should get something I like. Works for me!

The pictures on the engagement entry sucked. What does the ring really look like?
You try taking pictures of your own hand when you’re all excited and giddy and totally fucking freaked out by what’s about to happen. Yes, the pictures sucked.

The ring is a princess cut center stone set “on the diagonal”. The side stones are (moving from the center outward) two channel-set round stones. The outer set of stones are channel set baguettes.

I’ve never seen a center stone set like that. How did you find that?
It found us. I like princess cut stones, so that’s what we were looking at. Traditionally, the stone is set in a square, not on it’s point. (Here’s a pic of the whole set from the jewelry store website with the traditionally set stone.) The salesperson had several stones out for us to look at, and was in the process of putting a candidate into the mounting prongs on the ring so we could see what it looked like. She sort of flubbed the placement and it landed sideways – on the diagonal. Beau Hunk and I both commented that we thought that was a cool setting, too bad we couldn’t do that. The saleslady said we could absolutely do that. Cool! Make it so, Mr. Jeweler! I think it adds a special little pizzazz and a uniqueness that makes it “mine”.

Are you used to wearing a ring yet?
I’m having issues getting used to the way the stone sticks up. I’ve already dipped it in a bowl of chili when I mis-calculated where the back of my finger was when crunching up the crackers. Oops. Shoving my hands into my pants pockets doesn’t work so well anymore, and I almost poked the cat in the eye a few times when she got lovey and started rubbing her head on my hand. No injuries yet though.

And so there ya go. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

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