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Welcome to Your New Life

Monday, January 10th, 2005

It’s not entirely official yet, but it’s pretty much a done deal that the Beau Hunk has graduated law school. Yay!! There was one Final he was worried about, but he got word that he passed it. My biggest bucket of thanks to everyone who sent all the good wishes and vibes for success on his last test. He said he felt really good about that one. It’s kind of mind-blowing to realize I’m having sex with someone who now possesses a Juris Doctorate. And just as soon as he passes the bar, I will officially be having sex with a lawyer. How cool is that?? Pretty damned cool if you ask me.

We’ve got the boy (Beau Hunk) and his boys (son & dog) moved in. Mostly. I still can’t get my car in the garage, and my Office O’Shame hasn’t been tackled yet. I’m hoping to get to that this week. Everything else is coming together nicely. That office is the last big hurdle in the bunch. Once that gets cleaned out and we move out my desk, we’ll be able to shuffle some other things around to a more final configuration. Man, can’t wait to finish that one!

Everyone is still adjusting to life together, but it hasn’t been too terrible. Well, unless you’re the cat. She is in utter hell. She has apparently realized that she and I are an Island of Estrogen in a Testosterone Sea, and has been surprisingly lovey to me. Of course she’s being a complete bitch to everyone else. She may be coming around a little though, because she’s almost oblivious to the dogs, and yesterday she let Woo walk up and pet her. But she gets really pissy when he chases her and corners her. Nobody’s gotten hurt yet, thankfully.

For some reason though, she really doesn’t like the Beau Hunk. She pretty much has no use for him. He keeps trying to be her friend, but she’s having none of it. He’s even tried scratching her favorite places, and she growls and swats at him. Bitch.

But me? She’s fallen in love with me all over again. You must realize this is the cat who has spent the last three years punishing me for bringing that horrible beast (the dog) into the house. Since the Beau Hunk’s moved in, she’s gone from sleeping on the foot of the bed and getting pissy every time I move, to sleeping in a dinner-plate sized area between my belly and legs as I lay on my side. She’s even tolerating me rolling over and getting up without moving. Very strange. I can only guess that she probably thinks if she sucks up to me, I’ll kick out all these big stinky males and get back to the way things should be: just the two of us. Sorry cat, welcome to your new life. It’s called two dogs, a kid and a new human who insists on tormenting you by petting you every time he walks by. It really does suck to be you.

My dog is having the time of his life though. He now has a permanent playmate in Beau Hunk’s dog, who is a big fluffy red Golden Retriever. The Red Dog is a sweetie. Too much so, if you ask me. He lets himself get totally bullied by my Corgi. I guess he doesn’t realize he’s twice the height and weight of my dog, because he’s totally my dog’s bitch. They do get along though, and it’s a lot of fun to watch them play. The Red Dog will even bow down to my dog’s height so they can play. It’s so sweet! But he’s a pussy, so he gets pushed around when my dog decides to be the “big” dog. Sorry Red Dog. Welcome to your new life. It’s not all bad though, because he now has regular access to a human with fingernails who is perfectly content to sit and scratch his ears. That’s the definition of Doggy Heaven.

Woo is settling in nicely. He has his own room, complete with a big-boy bed, more toys than any one child should claim as their own, and a TV/VCR combo to watch videos. He’s also right across the hall from us, so when he cries out in the night, we’re right there to help him out. The poor kid seems to be plagued by nightmares. (Not related to move stress, he’s been doing this for a while.) He cries out 3-4 times a night, and at least once a night he’ll wake all the way up and cry for his Daddy. And oh the humanity if I go in and try to put him back to sleep! He’ll spend a few minutes throwing a sleepy little tizzy fit, and trying to get as far away from me as possible on the bed. But he usually falls asleep in a few minutes, so apparently it’s not life threatening. Sorry kiddo, welcome to your new life. I’m here, Daddy still loves you, and I promise nothing will eat you in your sleep. That’s about the best I can do for you at this point.

As for me and the Beau Hunk, we seem to be settling in ok as well. He’s already picked out a whole list of projects he wants to do around the house. The weather isn’t cooperating just yet, but I’m getting excited about some of the plans he’s making. He’s been really sweet about doing the shopping and making dinner. He’s even been serving me dinner when I get home. I told him that wasn’t necessary, but he likes to cook (and is frankly better at it than I am), and since he’s home while I’m at work, he says it makes the most sense. That’s sweet.

Coming home has gotten somewhat overwhelming. I’m used to coming in the door and being greeted by a cat. Now I’ve got the cat, two dogs – one of whom is beating my shins to death with his tail in an effort to get his ears scratched, the other who is trying to trip me – Woo and Beau Hunk. As I said, it’s a little overwhelming for a girl who is used to living the quiet life. But that’s ok, it’s not such a bad thing to be tackled with love as you come home. I just laugh and say “Welcome to your new life”.